Kings of sorna by dinobenten-d5a7thz

Nytcto is a Sorna raptor and is part of hunter's pack

These are the dinosaurs and pterosaurs made by the LTL RPer dinobenten. He is usually going to be active durring the summer but he will still be on the site durring the schooling parts of the year. He can also be found on his website phoenix mania.

His persona is a dark blue, purple, and black phoenix with raptor claws and archeopteryx wings and mad hatter looking clothing. This persona is usually called dark phoenix.

Pterosaur charactersEdit

Name: Ben, Species: Pteranodon longiceps “sternbergi”, Gender: male Name: Fifi, Species: Pteranodon longiceps “sternbergi”, Gender: female

Ben and Fifi are a new mating pair that met at the lagoon. At the end of summer Ben and Fifi were on their way to the aviary but then they went into limbo when the school year began.

Dinosaur charactersEdit

Name: Nycto (night in Latin), Species: Velociraptor antirrophus "sornaensis" (sensu Paul), Gender: male Name: croco, Species: Baryonyx walkeri, gender:male

Nycto is part of a pack ran by a raptor known as hunter. The pack lives in the aviary with the only pterosaurs to worry about is Oolu a toothy pteranodon and Ben and Fifi. The largest predator in the Aviary is Croco the baryonyx. Croco is a fish eater and does not tend to bother the pack he does though try and steal a few meals that they bring to the Aviary.

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