Iguanodon bernissartensis




13' tall / 40' long / 3 tons


Dark forest green with a lighter green underbelly and bright vibrant red throat. He has many notable scars throughout his body, indicating his many fights.



Girovago is an Iguanodon who inhabits the island of Isla Sorna. Unlike most Iguanodons which are social herd animals, he is not a social and will only interact during mating season. He can tolerate the presence of small animals if it benefits him, but as he is always on the move, he doesn't have that many companions. When he needs to defend himself, he can be extremely aggressive to the point even many average super predators will think twice in messing with him. As of now, he is wondering the island with a Mamenchisaurus named Zhang.

He is rp'ed by T-rex-king

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