Isla MuertaEdit

Height: 3 inches
Length: 1 foot
Weight: 1 kilogram


Males (adults and juveniles): Vibrant red backs, faces, and legs. They have black underbellies and sometimes leopard-like spots.
Females (adults and juveniles): Duller red than the males, but have creamy white underbellies. Hazel eyes.
During the mating season, the males will develop extravagant head patterns of usually red, orange, black, and/or green.

Habitat: Areas near water sources, but can also be found in forests with dense underbrush.

Preferred Prey: Anything smaller than itself: small fish, amphibians, reptiles, etc. Will also eat eggs if they can be found.

Social Structure: Generally solitary, but mates will stay together for as long as the female is comfortable.

One of the first crocodiles to evolve, Gracilisuchus is also one of the smallest. While being a primarily four-legged animal, it has the ability to walk on two legs, much like its larger relative Ornithosuchus. It's small jaws and overall mass restrict this little crocodile's diet to small fish, amphibians and insects.

Due to its small size and limited prey options, Gracilisuchus is extremely territorial. Individuals will often fight visciously over territory, especially if one has waterfront property. This is because many of Gracilisuchus' main prey items are aquatic and abundant. Like their prey, Gracilisuchus is semi-aquatic, and is able to stay submerged for up to forty five minutes. This is purely individual, as some may live their entire life without going into water. Those that are forest-bound tend to be thinner and faster due to the large amount of predators. Females are highly picky when it comes to mates. When fighting for mates, males will move their heads side to side, displaying their head patterns to intimidate their rivals. Very rarely will males physically fight, but when they do, the first to dominate the other wins. Mates will stay together for as long as they wish.

Despite its size, Gracilisuchus bites are very dangerous as they are extremely small and difficult to clean. Many bites become infected, but not all are fatal. However, bites are uncommon, as its vibrant colors generally ward off predators, in the similar manner to a modern False Coral Snake. If threatened, Gracilisuchus will emit a snake-like hiss and rear up on its hind legs. Gracilisuchus is very agile, especially for a crocodilian.

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