Isla MuertaEdit


Illustration by Tyrannus Paleo of JPLegacy

Length: 16 feet
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 900 pounds


Adult (both sexes): Mottled browns and greens.
Juvenile (both sexes): A woody-brown.

Diet: Plants.

Preferred Habitat: Dense forests.

Social Structure: Solitary or small, spread out feeding groups.

This unusual mammal-like reptile is noted for its high shoulders and low hips, which form a sharply sloping back. Its teeth are blunt and chisel-like, and the jaws are not designed for chewing, thus Moschops swallows plants whole and relies on its large gut to digest its food. Males have thickened skulls- used to push against one another’s heads in tests of strength. Moschops walks on its sturdy, pillar-like likes with its large head hung low. Its front legs are sprawling to support its bulky body and head.

Moschops is a slow moving animal that rarely ventures out into the open, preferring to stick to the forests. Thanks to its coloration, they are well-camouflaged against the trees and bushes, with the woody-brown young practically invisible against the leaf litter.

Moschops interacts little with one another unless it is the breeding season, when males compete with each other in head-pushing contests. Females lay their eggs in dents in the ground dug by the females' back feet. The eggs are then covered with soil and leaves before they are abandoned.

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