Isla MuertaEdit


Illustration by Tomozaurus of JPLegacy

Length: 13 feet
Height: 3 feet
Weight: 300 pounds

Nothosaurus is capable of swimming to Sorna, where they may reproduce and lay their eggs on the Beach.


Adult (both sexes): Light, creamy coloration with brown speckles.

Juvenile (both sexes): Light, creamy coloration with brown stripes instead of speckles.

Diet: Fish, molluscs, crustaceans and seabirds.

Preferred Habitat: Coastal seas with suitable breeding beaches.

Social Structure: Groups of 5-20.

With its webbed feet and a slender, streamlined body, Nothosaurus somewhat resembles a reptillian seal. The head is broad and flat with long jaws lined with needle teeth which interlock when the jaws are closed. The teeth are excellent for grasping slippery fish or prying open mollusc shells.

Nothosaurus behaves like the seals which share the beaches of the Five Deaths. It is clumsy on land, but in the water it is a graceful swimmer. It often ventures onto land in order to bask, while females favour sandy beaches where they can lay their eggs. Like turtles, female Nothosaurus will lay their eggs before burying them and returning to the water. When the young hatch, they are forced to dig themselves out before making a beeline for the sea. During their run along the shore, they are often picked off by opportunistic seabirds, pterosaurs, dinosaurs (on the coasts of Sorna) and other beach-combing scavengers.

While Nothosaurus' jaws are lined with vicious looking teeth, these are used only for fishing. When there are predators in the area, Nothosaurus will head straight for the sea. In the water they are better at escaping their aquatic predators such as Tylosaurus and sharks.

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