Revenants Pack


Revanant and Scar

Current Members:

Scar- RP'd by AllosaurusLover

Sabertooth-NPC'd by AllosaurusLover and Black TRex

Red-Jaw-RP'd by Darksteel045

Kiba-RP'd by Alpha Raptor

Peeta- RP'd by Nima

Rory-RP'd by mike55 (Mulder)

Scavenger- NPC'd by Alpha Raptor

Carnage- NPC'd by Alpha Raptor

Big Al- NPC'd by Alpha Raptor

Former Members:

Savage- NPC'd by AllosaurusLover

Roux- Formerlly RP'd by JP-T-Rex

Roxy-Formerlly NPC'd by JP-T-Rex


Game Trail

Revenants pack, over time, has grown to a near unstoppable size. With the individuals sizes ranging from full grown adults to sub-adults, the pack can take down virtually anything they want, even Brachiosaurus'.

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