Role-played by Nima, Sasha is an adult female Leptictidium aged 3 years. She is rather uninterested in other animals that she encounters. She does have an obsession with siny objects, and will often gaze at them for an extensive amount of time before moving.


Sasha lived with her mother and siblings, though at about one year old she became seperated from her family. Life as a lone Leptictidium hasn't been easy for her, but she has survived often quite dangerous situations. It is her speed and agility that have saved her on numerous occasions, or in the rare instance, just plain luck.

She has produced one litter of kits before, though that litter (number of three males) soon abandoned her as the coalition of males wanted to form their own small group. Currently Sasha is pregnant with five offspring, but has not yet given birth.

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