Isla SornaEdit

Length: 4 feet

Height: 16 inches

Weight: 5 pounds


Adult (both sexes): Jet black and covered in fur-like feathers, two white lines going from its eyes and traveling the length of its body.
Juvenile (both sexes): a mix of dull grays and browns on a downy coating.

Diet: Carnivorous and insectivorous, primarily consuming carrion, insects, rodents; and small birds.

Preferred Habitat: Island-wide, high concentrations being in the forested areas and ruins.

Social Structure: Solitary aside from mated pairs and their young.

A small scavenger and predator comparable to a dinosaurian fox, Sinosauropteryx most closely resembles a black, feathered Compsognathus; with which Sinosauropteryx competes for food and habitat. Its snout, feet; and hands are featherless, and covered in dark gray scales similar to a cassowary.

Sinosauropteryx may look meek, however it is avoided by the majority of predators big and small. The reason for this being Sinosauropteryx's ability to secrete a powerful, nauseating musk from glands in its cloaca. Sinosauropteryx will rub its rear end on the ground and proceed to roll about, coating its downy feathers in its own scent to ensure sufficient coverage. This scent can last for hours on end and reach out at a reasonable distance. Any potential predators will immediately become discouraged by the off-putting stench, which can eventually cause blurred vision in extreme cases. As well as the powerful odor of this musk, it also renders the Sinosauropteryx practically inedible. It gives such a foul taste that most predators cannot stomach eating Sinosauropteryx, instantly spitting it out before the predator has a chance to swallow. Sinosauropteryx is the only animal immune to the effects of this musk.

If its stench and bad taste fail to deter a predator, Sinosauropteryx will rapidly contract and put pressure on two fluid-filled sacks under its eyes; cause them to squirt violently out of a small pore and spray salt-filled pus and blood up to three yards; aiming for the eyes of a predator. This results in a massive burning sensation and temporary blindness; giving the Sinosauropteryx time to retreat.

Monogamous, Sinosauropteryx mate for life and is very devoted to its partner; with whom they form a very strong, lifelong bond. This bond is so strong that should one individual in a partnership die, the remaining individual will rarely ever find a new mate.

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