Isla MuertaEdit


Illustration by FeatherTail of JPLegacy

Length: 48
Height: 3 feet
Weight: 2500 pounds


Adult (both sexes): A dirty, swampy green, lined with contours of brown and black, allowing it to blend perfectly into the swamps through which it slithers. The tip of the tail, however, has several rings of orange. The more rings on the tail, the older the snake is.
Juveniles (both sexes): exactly like the adults, though without the orange rings.

Diet: Large vertebrates up to the size of a cow and larger.

Preferred Habitat: Not necessarily preferred, but REQUIRED due to its large size; this behemoth snake can only live in waterways and swamps as its massive bodies, like whales, do not function well when not supported by water. Titanoboa occasionally even swims out to sea, but generally does not go far.

Social Structure: Completely solitary. They only ever come together in 'mating balls' where a giant female will allow dozens of males to coil around her in an attempt to mate.

The largest snake ever to live, Titanoboa males reach lengths of up to forty feet, dwarfing even the largest python or anaconda of today. The females, however, get even larger, with lengths of over sixty feet, stretching longer than even the largest predatory dinosaur.

Titanoboa is the most muscular creature the world has ever known, due to the fact that the animal is nothing but a skeleton and pure muscle. Its coils are even enough to crush steel, which have resulted in many captive specimens escaping into the wilds of Isla Muerta before the island was even evacuated.

Being cold-blooded, Titanoboa can go up to three years without a meal, though monthly meals are more common.It's biggest threat was Deinosuchus hatcheri